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When it’s sunny, Genoa is magnificent, but the city certainly doesn’t lose its charm when the sky turns grey and the rain begins to fall.

With this weather, I advise you against a walk in Corso Italia, visiting Boccadasse or going to Parchi di Nervi (Nervi Parks). The rain, however, can give you the chance of doing some activities that otherwise you wouldn’t even have considered.

Hi, I’m Andrea of Genoa Tourist and with this article I will tell you what to do in Genoa when it rains. Five ideas outside the classic tourist itineraries, both for tourists and Genoese people.

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Are you ready? Take your umbrella and let’s go!

We start from the train station of Genova Brignole.


What to do with rainy day in Genoa Italy?


Nature in the City Centre: Museo di Storia Naturale

Museo Storia Naturale

About 300 metres from the train station of Genova Brignole, there is one of the most interesting museums in Genoa: Museo di Storia Naturale Doria (Doria Museum of Natural History).

It’s an important museum hosting over 3 million specimens of plants and animals, coming from Burma and New Guinea and brought to Italy in the 19th century by various captains and explorers.

What are the most fascinating things in the museum? In my opinion, the insects (there are millions of them) and the skeleton of a fin whale, about 20 metres in length: the whale died in 1878 and was found on a beach in Monterosso (La Spezia).

It’s a great idea both for adults and children.

  • Address: Via Brigata Liguria, 9 – 16121 Genoa
  • Phone: +39 010 564567
  • Opening hours: thursday – sunday: 10am – 6pm


The History of Genoa Seen from the Sea: Genoa Maritime Museum

Genoa Maritime Museum

I visited Galata Museo del Mare (Genoa Maritime Museum) for the first time three years ago, and I must admit I remained speechless.

When you enter, you will be surrounded by 23 interactive and very interesting rooms, where you will learn the meaning of the sea and of travelling in all the different ages.
Among these, the one I found most interesting was the exhibition ‘La Merica’, telling the story of the voyage of our ancestors towards America.

Interesting fact: In 1978, south of the Atlantic Ocean, Ambrogio Fogar’s boat was hit by a killer whale or by a rogue wave and sunk in a really short time. Ambrogio and his travel companion Mauro Mancini saved themselves miraculously and managed to reach a raft, that was found after 74 days. Unfortunately, Mauro Mancini didn’t survive, but Ambrogio Fogar did. The Fogar family decided to donate the raft to the Galata.

You will find it in a room of the museum, well preserved.

  • Address: Calata Ansaldo De Mari, 1 – 16126 Genoa
  • Phone: +39 010 2345655
  • Opening hours: every day: 10am – 7.30pm


An Exhibition Where There Is Nothing to See, but Much to Learn

Dialogo nel Buio

Do you feel like doing something different? I have a suggestion for you.
It’s called Dialogo nel Buio (Dialogue in the Dark) and it’s much more than an exhibition. It’s an experience. And it’s one of a kind.

As stated by the official website, Dialogo nel buio is ‘a special exhibit with a sensory path, where visitors take a ‘journey’ in total darkness, which turns familiar places and gestures into an extraordinary experience.’

Imagine being on a bus, or in your favourite bar, enjoying a cup of coffee.
Now, imagine doing this trivial, day-to-day activity with your eyes closed.

It’s not easy, is it?

If you want to know what it feels like, you must book a Dialogo nel Buio experience. I did it twice.

On both occasions, Luana, a sight-impaired woman, guided me for 45 minutes in this extraordinary experience, sometimes disturbing, but deeply fascinating.

Once you enter, you will immediately ‘fall in love’ with her voice, that represents your anchorage, your support for the whole visit. She will tell you right away that it’s normal to be disoriented, almost oppressed, but she will be on your side and won’t leave you alone at any time.

On TripAdvisor, it’s among the Top 5 attractions in Genoa, with over 700 reviews.

What more can I say? Call and book a visit at once!

The ‘exhibition’ is located exactly opposite Genoa Maritime Museum, in the Porto Antico area. It costs €7.00 for adults and €4.00 for children up to 12 years old and it’s open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  • Address: Calata Ansaldo De Mari – 16126 Genoa
  • Phone: +39 010 0984510
  • Opening hours: every day: 10am – 7pm


Genoa Aquarium

aquarium di genova

I visited Aquarium di Genova for the first time when I was 5 years old, on a school trip, and I only returned last year.

By now, it has become the symbol of the city, with its 70 exhibits plus 4 open-air tanks in the Cetacean Pavilion.

The exhibits host about 15,000 animals of 400 different species, including fish, marine mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates, and recreates the natural environments of each species for educational purposes.

This is the ideal place to lose track of time and be filled with wonder. Believe me, you will feel like a child again.

My childhood memories at Genoa Aquarium are something sensational; that is why I recommend that you bring your kids here while they are little. They will never forget it.

  • Address: Ponte Spinola, 16128 Genoa
  • Phone: +39 010 23451
  • Opening hours: mon-fri: 9am – 8pm, sat-sun: 8.30am – 9pm


Enjoy a Hot Chocolate at Piazza delle Vigne

Take a break and enjoy a cup of tea or hot chocolate in the lovely square Piazza delle Vigne.

The cosy Bar in Piazza delle Vigne is the perfect venue to sit and drink something hot, enjoying the friendly atmosphere inside while it rains outside.

Treat yourself!

  • Address: Piazza delle Vigne – 16123 Genoa



If you have read this short article, it will probably be a sad rainy day and you will be laying on your bed or sitting on a sofa, asking yourself if it’s worth going out, am I right?

I hope these few lines have given you the right push to get up and go out. And, if I’m lucky, they may even have cheered you up.

If this article was useful to you (even just a little), could you please let me know by leaving a comment below?

Thanks a lot


Andrea Semonella

Hey! I'm Andrea and I am a little bit obsessed with exploring the world and meeting people on the road. I'm in love with my city, and I'm happy to share with you all the best place and most incredible secrets of Genoa, Italy.

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