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Are you planning to visit the Illusions Exhibition in Genoa? Read on to find out times, dates and how to buy tickets for the upcoming Illusions exhibition.

Tickets for Porto Antico di Genova: Illusions Exhibition

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Optical Illusions Exhibition: useful info

  • Duration: April 7, 2023 to May 5, 2024
  • Location: Magazzini del Cotone (module 1) – Calata Cattaneo 15 – 16128 Genova (GE)
  • Opening days: from Monday to Sunday
  • Opening Hours: from 10 am to 7 pm
  • Prices: Full: € 16.00 (Adults 18-64 years old). Reduced: € 13.00 (Children 6-17 years; students up to 25 years, over 65, teachers, medical personnel, law enforcement, accompanying disabled person). Schools: € 6.00 (per pupil, accompanying teachers free). Free admission: (Children 0-5 years old, disabled).
  • Online ticketing: Buy here

The Illusions Exhibition in Genoa

Starting April 7, 2023, the ILLUSION EXHIBITION arrives at the Magazzini del Cotone (Form 1) in Genoa’s Old Port, an entertaining exhibition dedicated to the fascinating world of optical illusions, created by Innovation CGMZ, a company that has been involved in historical-disclosure and entertainment exhibitions for years.

More than 100 spectacular illusions will be presented to the public, able to thrill and amaze you.

A combination of stage sets, images, firsthand experiences and a large and innovative space dedicated to the virtual reality experience will take audiences of all ages on a journey through the mysterious and engaging world of optical, visual and perceptual illusions.

Tickets for Porto Antico di Genova: Illusions Exhibition

An interactive exhibit that will entertain you by challenging your senses and mind in unexpected and unpredictable ways.

The exhibition comes to Genoa after a European tour, where it attracted thousands of visitors of all ages looking for a new and engaging experience.

Want to purchase tickets? You can book guided tours for schools aimed at understanding the different cognitive mechanisms behind optical illusions.

By the end of the activity, you will be able to recognize the different types of optical illusions, what elements govern visual perception, the logical processes related to vision, and how the mind tries to solve paradoxes.

Hilarity, moments of play and opportunities for discussion will enliven the activity throughout.

Packages and conventions

(Exhibition-only admission, available for purchase at the box office only)

  • 3 people (2 adults – 1 child): € 39,00
  • 4 people (2 adults + 2 children): € 52,00
  • 5 people (2 adults + 3 children): € 65,00

Info and reservations

Tickets for Porto Antico di Genova: Illusions Exhibition

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