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Apart from the wide sea outburst, it is an uphill and downhill city, made up of small alleys and curves, so a city that constantly gives you surprises.

I take the good Fabrizio De Andrè at his word, how can you blame him, ups and downs, ups and downs, narrow dark alleys that widen into enchanting little squares and enchanting villages.

Did you happen here because you are looking for some more info about Genoa’s Old Port, or maybe you plan to visit very soon and want to be prepared?

You landed in the right place.

In this post, I will tell you in detail what the attractions of Genoa’s Old Port are, the best hotels and bed and breakfasts, restaurants, and trattorias, with a final mention of the Port’s history.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

What to see in the Old Port of Genoa, the best 6 attractions

Aquarium of Genoa

📍 Ponte Spinola, 16128 Genoa

The Genoa Aquarium, you may have heard of it a thousand times, is probably the best-known attraction in Genoa’s marina.

Realized on the occasion of Expo ’92, the celebration of the fifth centenary of the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus, to renovate and enhance an area rich in history and tradition, located in the beating heart of the historic center, Porto Vecchio Genoa.

Just think that with its 27,000 square meters of exhibition space, it is the largest aquarium in Italy, the third largest in Europe, and the ninth largest in the world!

There are at least 600 different species that are distributed in the 70 tanks, with an incredible variety of animals and plants, from seas and oceans around the world.

These are numbers that bring the Genoa Aquarium to the absolute top spot in Europe for biodiversity.

During the visit you will come face to face with vibrant tropical fish, moray eels emerging from the rocks, luminescent jellyfish, colorful starfish, and many other species.

It is a place for all ages, from shark enthusiasts like me to your kids who love dolphins or seals for example, which are probably the most popular pools for visitors.

I have always been fascinated by mermaids, who are not intrigued by them?

In this place you can observe manatees; in fact, it is from this herbivorous aquatic mammal that the mythology of mermaids originated.

The path inside is very intuitive and simple, you can’t get confused, the Genoa Aquarium is developed by thematic areas.

The cost of the ticket changes depending on the tour you want to take, ranging from 5 to a maximum of 31 euros, but it is worth it.

A word of advice: to avoid the long lines at the ticket office, I recommend that you purchase tickets online; you can do so by clicking on the link below.

aquarium of genoa italy

Genoa: Aquarium of Genoa Timeslot Entry Ticket

I will tell you a little about what the Genoa Aquarium offers inside, if you are not a lover of spoilers maybe you will scroll through the next few lines with your eyes closed.

Ice kingdom, shark bay, moray eel cave, and even seal island, jellyfish room! Super mega fascinating.

In the mermaid lagoon you can see manatees, and just think that in 2015 a baby was even born, right in the Aquarium of Genoa, my Genoa! It is a very rare event inside an aquarium, so I am quite proud of it.

If you are a lover of corals and their colors, the Biodiversity Pavilion, located on the big Blue Ship, is for you.

Also, you can have the extraordinary experience in the tactile tank where you can caress king varieties of… well I can’t tell you everything eh!

The “Face to Face with Dolphins” program will give you a chance for a close encounter with dolphins accompanied by an experienced guide.

The position in which you will observe these amazing creatures will be very close, and you will also be able to have the dolphins perform some exercises, an experience that is worth experiencing firsthand!

And then there is the “Face to Face with the Penguins” program, a tour that lasts about an hour and a half in which you can observe the meal distribution to these cute little beasts.

And if your curiosity is unending a guided tour with an expert may be for you, choose one of your favorite themes when you book, marine mammals, tropical seas, or dangerous animals, you are spoiled for choice.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling romantic, and you’re in very good company, why not treat yourself to an emotional dinner in the cetacean pavilion?

Don’t worry the price is affordable even though it may seem like a luxury, land or sea menu. The choice is yours.

Okay, I think I’ve spoiled enough, let’s move on to the next place of interest in the Old Port.

aquarium of genoa italy

Genoa: Aquarium of Genoa Timeslot Entry Ticket

The Galleon

📍 Porto Antico, Molo Ponte Calvi,16124 Genoa

Do you also have an irresistible curiosity and fascination for pirates?

Then you can’t miss a visit to the Galleon “Neptune,” which is located a hundred meters from the aquarium.

The galleon Genoa is imposing and overflowing with wood carvings, a vessel built in 1986 in the Tunisian shipyards of Port El Kantoui.

Think it was built for the film “Pirates” by renowned director Roman Polanski and also appears in “Neverland – The True Story of Peter Pan.”

It is a real ship capable of sailing, although it has hardly ever moved from here.

The pirate ship Genoa is a full 63 meters long, a tonnage of over 10m tons, and the sail area is 4500 square meters, when I arrive from the Old Port of Genoa I am always impressed by its majesty.

Besides, who isn’t dying to browse through the cabins, hatches, and cannons? A really interesting route.

The duration of the visit to the Galleon in Genoa is free and the ticket cost is 6 euros, not so much for a trip to the world of pirates.

The Bigo

📍 Calata Cattaneo 5, 16128, Genoa

And here is the wonderfully designed Renzo Piano, probably our most famous Italian architect in the world.

Genovese doc too!

It is a bit of a symbol of my Genoa (after the Lantern eh, let’s be clear).

But from this lovely view, the Lantern also stands out among the rooftops of the Old Town, so I don’t feel that I have in any way offended my beloved Lantern!

In short, this panoramic elevator is one of the most well-known monuments in Genoa’s Old Port.

It was built for the 1992 Genoa International expo.

When I visit a city, I always go for the highest and most scenic spot, I don’t know why, it must be that I want to see clearly and I want to have a total view of the place I am exploring, and then the horizon, the buildings, the sea in this case!

Doesn’t it happen to you too what an incredible feeling is in admiring a city from above?

This incredible panoramic elevator takes you as high as 40 meters above this beautiful port city.

It starts every ten minutes, and if you are with a large group, you will have to split your group, no more than 8 people can enter at a time!

A 360-degree view of my Genoa.

This circular structure that takes you gently up over the rooftops of Genoa reminds me a bit of the crane that moves goods at the port, and the good Renzo Piano’s design was most likely not done so haphazardly.

Bigo in dialect is the crane used for loading and unloading goods.

In addition, the Expo that saw her birth that year was really about the sea, a great connection!

I consider it a true work of architectural art.

The arms of this ‘crane’ fan out and also support the marquee in the Genoa Holiday Square.

It’s a curiosity that I know because I go there often in Winter, you can skate there because a kind of ice rink is set up, if you happen to visit Genoa’s Porto Vecchio in Winter, drop by.

The ticket costs 4 euros, so what are you waiting for?

Porto Antico e Bigo

Bigo Panoramic Lift Tickets

The City of Children and Youth

📍 Via Magazzini del Cotone, Form 1 second floor, 16128 Genoa

As many as 2,000 square meters of play area for children, but not only that.

It is a very large, multimedia, and interactive exhibition and super mega stimulating for children.

And it is also a way of learning through play and learning about the world.

For the little ones, ages 3 to 5, there is a small enchanted forest inside where you have the opportunity to explore a cave, climb on a bridge and cross the river.

Don’t worry it’s not dangerous, it’s absolutely fun for children, believe me.

For children who are a little ‘less of a child’ however, between the ages of 3 and 5 you can enjoy the pleasure of discovery through a construction site, children are even provided with their helmets and can try their hand at bricks, buckets, wheelbarrows, and even cranes.

Everything always and only focused on stimulating and instructive play.

Children who feel a bit like little scientists I think will love the water experiments and experiences with mirrors, the wind panel, the finger drawing computer, and the object recognition game.

For more ‘grown-up’ children (impressionable moms at a safe distance) there is an extraordinary ant farm with insects, ants, and spiders to teach mimicry of the animal world through interactive games.

Plus, mirrors, light games, and many optical illusions, and the chance to experience science, stimulate creativity, inquiry, and exploration by playing on an ocean liner, a reproduction of course, perfectly equipped.

Playing sailors will be great!

For aspiring bloggers and journalists like me instead, a TV studio where you can play reporter.

An interesting activity, my word!

Babies up to 23 months get in for free.

The price is from 24 months to 35 months and for adults instead 5 euros.

From ages 3 to 12, the cost is 7 euros.

Have fun!

citta dei bambini genova

Tickets for The City of Children and Youth – Experience Museum

Galata Sea Museum

📍 Calata Ansaldo De Mari 1, 16126 Genoa

If you are a lover of time travel or history, this Maritime Museum (think of it as the largest in the entire Mediterranean) is just for you.

A very short walk from the Genoa Aquarium, the Galata dates back to the late 1990s.

It is divided into a museum part (in the main building), and an outdoor area where the archaeological-port park is located. Just outside, you’ll get a pleasant surprise.

The Galata Museo del Mare is a truly exciting experience.

Four exhibition floors that take you on a journey down memory and art.

The Memorial Pavilion is particularly exciting.

Here you can feel like a real sailor, a simple passenger, or even one of those migrants we see in somewhat dated movies.

You must be thinking about the surprise! Right? Okay, the surprise is a real submarine. The infamous submarine Nazario Sauro.

And it is the only submarine that can be visited on the water, thus allowing you to experience firsthand the conditions and feelings of ‘submariners’.

Who has never wanted to go on a submarine? Or go down in a submarine?

Plus, numerous boats that will take you through the various eras, the Age of the Oar, the Age of Sail, and the Age of Steam.

A journey within a journey.

In the inner halls of the Galata Museo del Mare, you can admire nautical charts dating back to the Middle Ages, atlases, and shipboard instruments, a real treasure trove for the curious.

Guided and educational tours and routes, numerous workshops, and thematic insights are planned for children.

The stimulus for bimbo and not seems to be not lacking at the Port of Genoa, after all, like Christopher Columbus, we are very curious, and we are all explorers and navigators a bit.

The full ticket price is 17 euros, the reduced ticket price is 12 euros.

What are you waiting for!!! Get on board!

Genoa sea museum

Tickets for Galata Sea Museum

The Space cinema Porto Antico

📍 Via Magazzini del Cotone, 16128 Genoa

At Porto Antico Genova, The Space cinema welcomes many customers every day with numerous programs during different times from morning to evening.

The Space Porto Antico is a multiplex cinema, with 10 theaters available, very large and always clean and organized.

Programming is always varied, with the very latest in Italian and foreign films. In addition, the use of the best technologies allows for the screening of films in 3D, for a virtual experience that allows for unique emotions.

The Space Cinema at the Porto Antico Genova is also active by offering exclusive events: major live sports matches, concerts by pop or rock bands, and operas of opera or ballet.

Discounts and reductions are some incentives to allow everyone to spend a few hours relaxing, seeing a fun movie or a thriller for some action.

The Cotton Warehouse

📍 Via Magazzini del Cotone, 16128 Genoa

At Genoa’s Porto Antico there is an area of more than 30,000 square meters containing immense structures that once had a very specific purpose: to contain cotton.

The Cotton Warehouses were built in the late nineteenth century as general warehouses to store goods of all types, origins, or destinations, waiting to be shipped, of course, by sea.

The area that contained the Cotton Warehouses was bombed and damaged during World War II, and was then rebuilt after the war and used completely as a warehouse for all the cotton arriving in Genoa.

In 1992, for the Colombiadi, these facilities were completely renovated. Today they house a Convention Center with exhibition area, a multiplex cinema, bars, restaurants of all kinds, the headquarters of the most listened to a radio station in Liguria (Radio Babboleo), and the Children’s City, which I told you about above.

I recommend you walk around and admire these immense structures, which until a few years ago had a completely different use than they do today, but still retain the charm of the past.

The biosphere in the Old Port of Genoa

📍 Ponte Spinola, 16126 Genoa

As you stroll and admire Genoa’s Old Port, you will arrive at the Biosphere, better known as Renzo Piano’s Bubble.

It is a spherical structure, completely made of glass and steel, inside which the rainforest is reconstructed.

You will find the true tropical ecosystem here, due to the presence of numerous animal and plant species and the typical flora of the area.

Porto Antico of Genoa: other attractions

If you are wondering which are the best things to do in Genoa after the 6 destinations I have recommended, below are some hints and tips.

Designed by Genoese architect Renzo Piano, the Island of Barges is a very large structure floating in the middle of the sea.

It was built taking advantage of the old decommissioned barges, which have been entirely renovated and beautified, with streetlights to illuminate it in the evening and benches where you can sit for a few hours and admire the ships moored in the harbor.

Here you can indulge in a moment of relaxation, soak up some sun and let the children run around safely.

It’s also a great place to enjoy a slice of Genoese focaccia purchased from one of the bakeries you’ll find in the area.

Find at Porto Antico Genova the swimming pool, another destination to consider if you want to spend a few hours relaxing.

It is a swimming pool with a 20-meter pool, where they can swim and exercise. There is also a pool for children, where they can play safely, while parents can relax in the whirlpool.

You can also sunbathe, thanks to the sunbeds available in the solarium area. It is the ideal destination to spend a few hours of relaxation, in the company of family and friends.

As you stroll through the city, you can visit some important churches, Gothic in flavor and decorated with black-and-white banded colored marble, a typical coverage of the area.

Some examples are the Basilica of Santa Maria di Castello, San Pietro in Banchi, and the Cathedral of San Lorenzo.

Where to sleep in Genoa’s Porto Antico: the 5 best hotels and B&Bs

I guess I’ve walked you enough, you must be a little tired, or maybe you just need a nap before continuing the tour of this beautiful city.

The hotel or bed and breakfast in the Old Port where we choose to rest is very important.

Below is my list of the best hotels and B&Bs located in Genoa’s Old Port (which I selected as the best area where to stay in Genoa).


Best Western Hotel Porto Antico Genoa

📍 Via al Ponte Calvi, 5, 16124 Genoa

This hotel is located in a building in Genoa’s old city center.

If you are looking for a comfortable hotel close to the museum area, the Best Western Porto Antico is only a 6-minute walk from the most important attractions, the location is really good, even for children!

Wi-Fi is free, and there is a shuttle service to the airport.

If you happen to visit Genoa during the quiet summer months, the rooms are air-conditioned.

The rooms are very clean and the breakfast, shall we talk about that?

I love hotel breakfasts, here the breakfast is good and plentiful, and the staff is super nice and very helpful.

My experience at the Best Western Porto Antico Genova was super positive.

Highly recommended!

Genoa Suite Art

📍 Via al Ponte Calvi 3/1, 16124, Genoa

If you are a lover of elegance, here you can even find restored frescoes dating back to the 16th century, and the theme as you may have guessed from the name is all about the artistic theme.

It is in a great location for visiting museums and the city in general.

It is inside a historic building and overlooks the Genoa Aquarium, a beautiful original and elegant structure, Matteo and his family are very nice people and they provide you with a 24-hour accessible room where you can have tea, coffee, cookies, and pastries.

I love their brioche, yogurt, and fruit!

The rooms are spacious and spotlessly clean, and each room has its fresco ready to welcome you when you arrive.

Free Wi-Fi, a shuttle bus that connects to the airport, and hears free parking. Thumbs up as far as I’m concerned!

B&B Genoa Porto Antico

📍 Via S. Luca, 1/int. 15A, 16124 Genoa GE

It is located on the top floor of a 14th-century building, a 4-minute walk from the Port.

It is great for enjoying the beauty of Genoa’s Old Port and its many attractions, super strategic location, and a stone’s throw from the Genoa Aquarium.

The view of the neighborhood is wonderful, as is the lady’s welcome, and the place is lovely and meticulously maintained.

The rooms are extremely quiet despite being in the Old Town, spacious and cozy. Design rules the day.

And for us breakfast lovers, it’s a hat off to us, a rich and delicious breakfast.

The coffee machine and water are always available and the staff is nice. I feel at home when I am at this place!

Free Wi-Fi and air conditioning are unfailing.

NH Collection Genoa

📍 Molo Ponte Calvi, 5, 16124 Genoa GE

Located in the area of our beloved Porto Antico in Genoa a blink of an eye away from the Genoa Aquarium, only a 2-minute walk to be exact.

I love the wooden floor; it makes me feel at home.

The rooms are especially spacious, the cleanliness impeccable, and the view of the Harbor from the top floor is always a delight.

If you want to spoil yourself and you are in very good company, the sea view suite is a thousand and one nights, I was lucky enough to experience this and it was extraordinary.

Pure and sincere comfort.

A cozy place, the breakfast buffet (music to my ears) is excellent and very well stocked.

The food is excellent and the service time also meets expectations.

Besides, you are surrounded by the sea!

Advise, Wi-Fi? Of course!

B&B Le Finestre sul Porto Antico di Genova

📍 Via di Sottoripa 3, 16124 Genoa

Housed in a 17th-century building in Genoa’s historic center, a 7-minute walk from the Genoa Aquarium and if you prefer the San Giorgio subway station is only 3 minutes away.

For visiting attractions, the location is enviable.

The rooms are really clean and well organized.

The staff (and especially Maurizio) will take care of you with remarkable attention to detail, really all very kind.

The breakfast is fa-vo-lo-us! And super plentiful.

Freshly squeezed orange juice is a treat. Not to mention the cookies and brioche.

A pleasant and peaceful stay at the Finestre sul Porto Antico Genova. Thank you very much, Maurizio!

Where to eat in Genoa Old Port? The 5 best restaurants

pasta with pesto

Trattoria delle Grazie

📍 Via Delle Grazie 48, 16128 Genoa

Perhaps my favorite trattoria. The one I go to at least once a month and recommend to all friends who wish to visit Genoa.

Specialties? Pasta al pesto (strong-tasting but delicious), pansoti with walnut sauce, cod fritters (among the best I’ve ever had), and stuffed muscles, appetizing but delicate.

The restaurant is tiny (as indeed are all the other trattorias in Genoa’s historic center), so I recommend making reservations a little in advance.

It is one of the best trattorias in downtown Genoa that is also open on Sundays.

Trattoria dell’Acciughetta

📍 Piazza Sant’Elena, 16126 Genoa

Well, what can I say about Acciughetta? If you’ve read some of the other articles on my site, you’ll realize that I’ve included it in almost every ranking of the best restaurants and trattorias in Genoa, and there’s a reason why.

Known as a landmark for seafood lovers, Trattoria dell’Acciughetta has skyrocketed to the top spots on TripAdvisor Genoa since its opening (in 2015).

With a very young, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable staff, it offers a creative Ligurian menu based on oily fish and is, in my opinion, one of the best trattorias in Genoa’s historic center.

It is one of the best restaurants to eat at Genoa’s Old Port for value for money.

Trattoria Cavour 21

📍 Piazza Cavour 21r, 16128 Genoa

Just a stone’s throw from Genoa’s Old Port, an authentic and cozy antique restaurant, a Ligurian tradition at the table.

Boy, pesto is serious business here, and trenette is a real treat.

And that’s coming from a native Genoese! You can choose land or sea dishes; you can’t go wrong with quality like this.

If you want to pamper yourself at the table this is the place, the fried food is special and the desserts very good. The tiramisu is among the best you will ever taste, I also recommend the panna cotta, delicious.

Friendly and easy-going staff, you can easily make reservations even through WhatsApp, convenient, no?

It is not a romantic restaurant, but a very “down-to-earth” trattoria. If you are looking for a place to eat well and spend little, this is the place for you.

La Locanda del Molo

📍 Via del Molo, 87r, 16128 Genoa

As soon as you enter you feel a little bit in the Middle Ages, the place has a really special and cozy atmosphere.

Just a stone’s throw from the Old Port, Matteo and Tila have put their hearts into this venue, you can see it, and more importantly, you can feel it.

The cutting boards, the pizza, and their seafood menu are something sublime to the palate.

The fried food is crispy and tasty, the black taglierini with pistachio pesto and squid a must try, and if you are a tuna lover the sesame-crusted fillet.

It will come in handy after a visit to the Genoa Aquarium.

The service is courteous and helpful, give it a try!


📍 Millo building, Old Port, Calata Cattaneo 15, 16126 Genoa

As many as 2,000 square meters of quality Italian food.

What more do you want?

You can find it in the Millo building, and the floor-to-ceiling window overlooking Genoa’s Old Port is breathtaking.

From fruits to vegetables, from cheeses to fresh pasta, there is no lack of anything here.

The smell of freshly baked bread will welcome you in a homey and comfortable way.

If you’re undecided about what to eat this is the place to be, or maybe not, it depends.

There is everything you want here. Pizza or fish, the choice is yours. Desserts and ice cream to close, a fill of energy to continue your visit to Genoa’s Old Port!

More restaurants in Genoa’s Porto Antico

  • Rosso Pomodoro Genova Porto Antico (Calata Molo Vecchio 16, 16128 Genova)
  • Burger King (Molo Ponte Morosini 1, 16126 Genoa)
  • Roadhouse Restaurant (Via Magazzini del Cotone 19, 16128 Genoa)
  • Old Wild West (Via Magazzini del Cotone 29, 16128 Genoa)

Where to park in the Old Port of Genoa

I know how much the topic is a cause for anxiety and concern, and I’ll take care of it for you, but I’ll be more serious and schematic this time, forgive me.

Be careful though, parking in the Old Port area parking lots is only allowed for cars, so this time is sure, no RVs or trucks.

Parking Calata Gadda Genova

📍 Via Calata Gadda, 16128, Genoa

203-weekday seats, 4 of which are reserved for the disabled.

260 seats on weekends, 7 of which are reserved for the disabled. During the day, the price is 1.80 euros per hour.

From 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. the total cost is 2 euros.

Parking Garage

📍 Calata Ponte del Mille, 16126 Genoa

323 seats, including 8 seats reserved for the disabled. During the day the price is 1.80 euros per hour. From 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. the total cost is 2 euros.

Siberia Gate Parking

📍 Piazzale Porta del Molo, 16128 Genoa

80 places, including 3 places reserved for the disabled. During the day the price is 2 euros per hour; if the total stop is less than half an hour the price is only 1 euro. From 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. the total cost is 2 euros.

Gunboat Parking

📍 Via Filippo Turati, 2, 16128 Genoa GE

43 total places. During the day the price is 2 euros per hour; if the total stop is less than half an hour the price is only 1 euro. From 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. the total cost is 2 euros.

Merchandise Parking

📍 Via Filippo Turati, 2, 16128 Genoa GE

(Outside Porto Antico Genoa Area) 77 spaces, including 2 spaces reserved for the disabled. During the day the price is 2 euros per hour; if the total stop is less than half an hour the price is only 1 euro. From 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. the price is 0.50 euro per hour.

Events at the Porto Antico of Genoa

Genoa is a very vibrant city, and at any time of the year, various events and happenings make the city very active and attractive to the many tourists who come from all over Italy and even abroad.

Are you looking for events in Porto Antico Genova to discover initiatives to spend different days than usual?

Throughout the year there are alternating events that are more regionally focused and aim to sponsor local businesses that can benefit from people curious about the various booths and stalls.

For music lovers, during the summer Porto Antico Genova hosts Goa Boa, a festival of music of all kinds, which over the years has hosted nationally and internationally renowned guests.

For lovers of sports and physical activity, the Genoa Half Marathon takes place in April, a great event for all runners who want to take advantage of the early warm weather to run a top-level race within a city setting that can stimulate an early-season performance.

This race is recommended for all athletes who want to test themselves in the first part of the year, right after the cold months to test their athletic condition without suffering the cold of northern Italy.

The course is designed to be very fast, with very little elevation gain to ensure a very fast pace for all participants who can enjoy the city’s various points of interest throughout the twenty-one kilometers of the race.

The departure also coincides with the very impressive arrival of Genoa’s old port.

Genoa’s Old Port: history and culture

To conclude, an in-depth look at Porto Antico Genova with history from its origins to appreciate the locality even more.

The history of the port of Genoa dates back to the fifth century B.C.: as a natural inlet, it probably served as a foothold for direct routes to the French coast.

However, the earliest interventions date back to the 12th century A.D., with the construction of the first buildings intended for goods and boat repair, and of course, the wharves, made of wood.

Some buildings have not survived over the years or have been objects of reconstruction, but in contrast, numerous palaces and buildings are dating back to the Middle Ages.

Palazzo San Giorgio was built around 1,260 and dominates the view of the Old Port and is now the headquarters of the Port Authority.

The Lighthouse of Genoa is the lighthouse in the harbor and is an iconic symbol of the city. The current lighthouse, about 80 meters high, was built in the 14th century and is a remake of a simpler watchtower probably built about 300 years earlier.

lighthouse of genoa

Next to the Lighthouse there probably was a fortress, torn down around 1500 after the expulsion of the French who ruled the city at that time.

It was precisely in the 16th century that the impressive rebuilding of the Port, the last expansion work carried out, dates back to the 16th century: in that period some fundamental interventions were completed, such as the excavation of the seabed to allow the docking of increasingly larger ships, the replacement of the wooden piers with those made from the debris of the demolition of city buildings, and the city walls.

All these interventions had bad luck: the port was bombarded by French troops in 1684 and thus began a period of severe crisis and decay that ended with the fall of the city into the hands of the Bourbon army in 1797.

We have to wait until the 19th century to see a revival of the port, with its annexation to the Kingdom of Sardinia: the enhancement of the Coast Guard’s facilities and expertise also prompted modernization efforts.

The Old Port is witness to some important moments in history: the migrations to other continents in the late 1800s, the two world wars and bombings, the economic development of the 1960s, until the transfer of activities to the new port of Genoa and the redevelopment of the Old Port in the 1980s.

Tickets for Lighthouse of Genoa


Here we come to the end of this long post on the Old Port of Genoa, in which I told you about what are the most important attractions, places to visit, the history of the old port, events, where to eat, and where to sleep.

Need more information? Don’t worry, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

A hug,


Photo credits:

Andrea Semonella

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