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Hi, we’re Andrea & Marta

We have been telling the story of Genoa and Liguria since 2015 by sharing guides, articles and photos of our city. We started from a small blog with few visitors until we are now seen by over 150,000 people a month, and with over 20,000 followers on our social channels.

We created Genova Turismo because we want to help people travel more and travel better.

We think that sharing our experiences, perspectives, mistakes and advice can help make some travellers’ experience better and increase awareness that Liguria is a magnificent land, all waiting to be explored.

We want travellers (like you who are reading this right now) to use what we write and what we photograph as a real handbook to create their own memories and adventures in Genoa.

Since going online in 2015 from our small home studio, the site has become one of the most important resources for tourism in Liguria. is now read by over hundreds of thousands of people every month. Different people, with different budgets, dreams and priorities, travelling from different parts of Italy with a single destination: Genoa.

What makes Discover Genoa different from other sites?

Well, everything we write is the fruit of our experience.

We are two Genovesi, born in Genoa in two very different districts but with the same passion for our city. We use our free time to explore Liguria, and we are happy to share our experiences with everyone.

Also, we didn’t create the blog with the aim of making money, and we won’t recommend restaurants, attractions or experiences that we haven’t tried ourselves. We just want you to get the most out of your trip to Genoa – whether it’s a family weekend or a week with friends.

So, thank you for joining us and for deciding to read some of our blog articles. We both really appreciate it and hope you can find some inspiration to make the most of your holiday in Genoa.

The people behind Discover Genoa

Discover Genoa began as a family project, with the aim of helping visitors discover the best of our region. Today it has become one of the most important resources of tourism in Genoa and Liguria.

Andrea Semonella

I love travelling and have been lucky enough to visit half the world, but in the end my love for Genoa has always brought me back here. On the blog I share the traditions, the people and the more or less hidden treasures of my city. I am passionate about everything related to the internet and web marketing, and I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. I manage marketing and SEO for Genova Turismo and I personally write the articles and answer questions on the blog, offering advice to those who want to travel in Liguria.

Marta Bianchi

Genoese by birth and adoption, I have travelled far and wide since I was a child, but I still haven’t found a good reason to leave my homeland. Between food, culture, history, landscapes, sea…did I mention food? I am a curious person by nature, who loves getting to know new places. When I find some free time I also enjoy baking cakes, watching TV series on Netflix and hand embroidery. I am a web designer and developer and I created the look of Genova Turismo from the first version to what it has become today.

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