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Are you planning a holiday in Genoa and want to know what the best hotels and bed and breakfast in the capital of Liguria are?

Are you travelling with your partner or family and are you looking for accommodation with parking in a safe area?

Looking for more advice on where to sleep in Genoa?

You’ve come to the right place.

If you don’t know me, I’ll introduce myself: my name is Andrea from Discovergenoa.com and in this article I’ll tell you about the best accommodation facilities in Genoa.

Read the article in full and discover the best hotels in Genoa, recommended by those who live in Genoa.


Where to sleep in Genoa

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You have decided to discover Genoa in all its splendor: the port city with the largest historic center in Europe already appears before your eyes with its beauties that you will certainly want to admire, photograph and visit, with its churches, museums and beaches of the Riviera … But, from daydreams to reality, there is still a small thing you have to do: book a hotel.

But what is the best place to sleep in Genoa?

Old Town and Old Port

cattedrale di san lorenzo
San Lorenzo Cathedral – Old Town

This is the Genoa we all know: a labyrinth of narrow streets that climb to form the largest historic center in Europe.

The area of the historic center is my favorite place to stay in in Genoa: it is the most livable area on foot, especially if you stay in the area near Piazza De Ferrari or Porto Antico, full of attractions for both children and adults.

This district is the most central in Genoa and is well connected with the train stations of Genoa Piazza Principe and Genoa Brignole: to be clear, they are each 2 stops away by metro, or a pleasant walk.

In this area you can find everything from small family-run hotels to large chains. Some also offer private parking, a factor to be taken into consideration if you are planning to travel by car.

Let’s see which, in my opinion, are the best hotels in the Genova port area and Aquarium.

The 4 best hotels near the Acquario di Genova

Genova Suite Art

This is a holiday apartment located in the center of Genoa, about 50 meters from the Aquarium and complete with all amenities: free wifi, hair dryer, air conditioning, kitchen for guests and, most importantly: free parking. It is rated 9.6 out of 10 on the Booking.com booking site.

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Hotel Le Nuvole Residenza D’Epoca

Just a 5-minute walk from Genoa’s Porto Antico, Le Nuvole is a hotel offering large, elegant, air-conditioned rooms with modern, designer décor. It is ideal for couples. Parking is not included.

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Hotel Palazzo Grillo

Palazzo Grillo is a historic building located in the heart of the historic center of Genoa, a few steps from the Aquarium and the most important attractions; ideal for families.
Parking is not available.

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Hotel Doria

Located 750 meters from the Acquario di Genova, Doria is a modern and elegant boutique hotel offering accommodation in a 1952 building. Ideal for both couples and families, but parking is not available.

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Hotel De Ville

Inaugurated in 2019, De Ville is a hotel located right in front of the Aquarium, with a bar, a large lounge (with billiards) and a view of the city. It offers accommodation for couples and families and is one of my favorite hotels in Genoa.

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Brignole Station

triumphal arch genoa
Brignole and Piazza della Vittoria – Photo credit Jack Swift

The area near the center of Genoa is Brignole, where you will find the train station and the terminus of the underground line.

Staying in Brignole, you will be very close to the historic center and in the evening you can return to the hotel through the famous shopping street Via XX Settembre. If you wish to stay here, is impossible not to mention the famous Piazza della Vittoria with the Staircase of the Caravels of Christopher Columbus.

The Aquarium and the old port are about 15 minutes away on foot, and can also be easily reached by subway (just two stops).

Most of the hotels in this area, not being located in the historic center, offer the possibility of parking (on request).

Discover the best hotels in Brignole.

The top 2 hotels in Genoa near Brignole station

Hotel Fiume

Fiume is a hotel located at a 1-minute walk from Genoa Brignole train station and is the perfect choice if you are looking for a central hotel, simple and clean. Also, in this case you have the possibility to use the car park (at an agreed rate), subject to availability.

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Hotel Moderno Verdi

Located in a Liberty-style building just opposite Genova Brignole train station, Hotel Moderno Verdi is part of the famous Best Western hotel chain. It is a 4-star hotel with a stylish interior and a rich breakfast buffet. Also in this case you can request parking.

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Corso Italia – Photo credit: Gianfranco Bella

This district is a particularly suitable area for those who want peace and quiet. It is located between the center and the fishing village of Boccadasse.

Genova Albaro is a residential area, ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in the “most elegant Genoa“. To reach the city center you need to take a taxi or bus, while the seafront is within walking distance, about 5 minutes away.

Here you will find the famous Arena Albaro, a real sports and leisure village, with a swimming pool, gym and various dining areas.

If you’re looking for a comfortable area to move around on foot, Albaro is not for you. But if you want to immerse yourself in the most elegant Genoa, this district could be the perfect destination.

Here are the best hotels in the Genoa Albaro area.

The top 3 hotels in Genoa Albaro

Hotel Il Giardino di Albaro

The only real hotel in the area, Giardino di Albaro is a structure set in an elegant Liberty style villa, a 5-minute walk from the promenade of Corso Italia and a few steps from the wonderful corner of Boccadasse. The hotel is elegant and guarantees maximum comfort and tranquility. There is the possibility to request free private parking inside the structure.

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B&B Albaro

This is not a hotel, but a bed and breakfast located right in front of the Garden of Albaro that in terms of service and cleanliness can easily compete with a high-class hotel. With an excellent breakfast, parking and elegant and clean rooms, this bed and breakfast is a great choice if you are looking for accommodation in the Albaro area near Corso Italia and Boccadasse.

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Rex Hotel Residence

This residence is a family-run accommodation, located a short walk from Boccadasse. The reception is open 24 hours a day and there is availability of family rooms and private parking at the property.

Genoa Airport

genoa airport
Genoa Airport – Photo credit: Aeroporto di Genova

Cristoforo Colombo Airport in Genoa is located in a peripheral area, about 8km from the city center. If you decide to stay here, you will not experience a trip to the historic and fascinating Genoa, but you will be near the Marina, a small “resort in the city” where you can admire luxury yachts and dine in one of the typical restaurants located inside.

Let’s find out which are the best hotels near the airport, ideal for sleeping before taking an early morning flight.

The top 3 hotels near Genoa airport

Best Western Premier CHC

Here is yet another hotel belonging to the famous international hotel chain Best Western. This property is located about 800 m from Genoa Airport, which is therefore within walking distance in a few minutes or via the free airport shuttle. It offers soundproofed rooms with air conditioning, wifi and a flat screen TV.

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Marina Place Resort

This elegant hotel is located in the Marina di Genova, less than 1 km from Genoa’s Cristoforo Colombo Airport. It has free parking and an airport shuttle and is the best choice for a pre (or post) flight stay.

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Tower Genova Airport

It is the closest hotel to the airport (2 minutes’ walk), but also the one of the three with the lowest rating on the Booking.com website. It is a structure with antique furniture, dark colors and demodè furniture. The price is appropriate to the type of structure and is a good choice if, for example, you land in Genoa late at night or you have to leave early in the morning. It has an airport shuttle to the city center.

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Tips on where to sleep in Genoa

where to sleep in genoa
Genova Suite Art B&B
Where to sleep in Genoa with children?

What is the safest area to stay in Genoa with children?

Genoa is generally a safe city even at night, although caution and a bit of attention never hurt.
As in every city in the world, Genoa also has “safe districts” as well as “less safe districts”.

If you are on holiday with your family my advice is to sleep in a hotel or bed and breakfast in the historic center or old port (so you’re close to the Aquarium and all the attractions for children) avoiding only the area of Via Prè or Genoa Principe Station.

The facilities I told you about in the paragraph on hotels in the Historical Centre area are all located in a safe and controlled area.

Where to sleep in Genoa at a low cost?

The Historical Centre of Genoa is so vast that you can find extremely cheap accommodation.

If you want to save a little money, I suggest you leave the hotels alone and opt for cheaper facilities such as holiday homes or Airbnb. Discover the cheapest accomodation in Genoa.

Where to sleep near Gaslini Hospital?

Do you have to stay in Genoa in the Gaslini Hospital area?

The places that I recommend are Il Nido di Quarto, B&B Gaslini e Mare and Casa dello Zio: three apartments for tourist use located respectively at a 2, 5 and 10 minute walk from the hospital and ideal for those who, for necessity, need to stay in the Gaslini area.

Where to sleep near San Martino Hospital?

The San Martino Hospital is located in the homonymous district of Genoa.

The hotels and B&B around the hospital complex are many, and those within walking distance are Affittacamere San Martino and Casa Anastasia.

They are all located around the hospital and some of them also offer kitchen use.

Sleeping on a boat in Genoa?

Are you planning to take an unusual vacation by spending a night on a boat?

Here are the best solutions to spend a night on a boat docked at the Port of Genoa, click here.

Genoa Boat Show: where to sleep?

Are you here for the Genoa International Boat Show, as an exhibitor or visitor, and do not know which area is the best to stay in?

You should know that the famous Boat Show takes place inside the Fiera di Genova, located in the Foce area.

The hotels in the area (within walking distance from the exhibition) that I recommend are:

B&B Home Grifondoro: an elegant structure located right in front of Fiera di Genova with free wifi and private parking available on site.

Elegante Monolocale Genova: as the name suggests, the structure is a spacious apartment located at a 1-minute walk from the Fiera di Genova, with free wifi and private parking.

Hotel Boccascena: if you are looking for a hotel, the Boccascena is the nearest; a five- minute walk from the Fair, the property has spacious double and family rooms, and private parking available on site.


Well, we have come to the end of this very long article on the best hotels in Genoa, where I  gave you some advice on where to sleep in Genoa if you travel alone or with children.

We talked about the best hotels located near the Aquarium, the Airport and in more residential areas such as La Foce or Albaro.

If you have any doubt or any questions, do not hesitate to contact me, just leave a comment below and I will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Take care,

Andrea Semonella

Hey! I'm Andrea and I am a little bit obsessed with exploring the world and meeting people on the road. I'm in love with my city, and I'm happy to share with you all the best place and most incredible secrets of Genoa, Italy.