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Are you planning a visit to Terme di Genova (Genoa Spa) and are you looking for more information?

Do you want to know what timetables, prices, discounts and coupons are available or are you looking for information on how to get there and where to eat or sleep nearby?

Either way, you have come to the right article.

I’m Andrea from Discovergenoa.com, and in this article, I’ll tell you about the famous Acquasanta Spa, located in the homonymous hamlet of Voltri, a district of Genoa.

Read on to discover all the info and book your next relaxing stay at the Terme di Genova.

Acquasanta Genova Spa

massage in genoa italy

Genoa is a wonderful city to visit both for its artistic beauties and for its landscapes, but you will realize that it has an added value, represented by its spas, which will allow you to spend a pleasant and relaxing stay a few steps from the sea.

The entire complex of Acquasanta di Genova Spa is immersed in the beautiful setting of the Apennines but is also a few kilometers from the picturesque Ligurian coast, full of beaches and breathtaking views, especially close to the town of Voltri, near the junction of the highway.

The Terme di Genova are part of the network La Via delle Terme (which also includes the Terme di Saint Vincent and Champoluc) and are located in the village of Acquasanta, towards the westernmost part of the town of Genoa and are a place known since ancient times for the quality of water and for their therapeutic and aesthetic properties.

They are used to treat respiratory diseases, for skin health and for general treatments that improve the condition of the entire body.

The oligomineral water of the Terme di Acquasanta has a pH of 11.49 and is rich in sulphates, a characteristic that makes it particularly effective to inhale and cell renewal of the skin that, at the end of the cycle of applications, will immediately make you feel younger, toned and supple.

This great natural resource is flanked by a modern and efficient structure.

At this location, in fact, you will find a beauty farm and a spa that extends over 3000 square meters.

Here is the detail of what you can use at the Terme di Genova for your well-being and relaxation:

  • an internal thermal bath with chromotherapy
  • cervical and dorsal showers
  • 35°C thermal water
  • Kneipp vascular path for leg health
  • sauna
  • Scottish and other showers equipped with chromotherapy and aromatherapy
  • steam bath (48°C) and thermal nebulizer (20°C).

There is also an indoor Jacuzzi (Victoria) which, through a series of waterfalls leads you to the outdoor Jacuzzi (Calypso) without having to leave the hot water; here you will find a series of games, other waterfalls and relaxing routes.

This feature allows you to use both pools in winter and summer.

To complete the structure, there is a herbal tea room, a large relaxation area, a solarium with a garden and an Aquam Bar, available for quick snacks or appetizers.

At the beauty farm, you can complete your wellness path with massages and beauty treatments of various kinds, performed by the staff of the Spa, all highly qualified, which will treat you with all the latest techniques.

These include oriental massages, American massages, Thai massages and lomi lomi massages.

massage genoa

The beauy farm of the Terme di Genova offers you a wide variety of treatments to meet your every single problem or need, both aesthetic and physical.

The Acquasanta-Voltri Spa in Genoa, however, is not only useful for your beauty and relaxation; in fact, it is also recommended for the treatment of a number of diseases of the upper and lower areas.

Inhalation treatments have proven to be effective in treating sinusitis, pharyngitis, even chronic pharyngitis, bronchitis, chronic rhinosinusitis syndrome and chronic bronchopneumopathy.

To access the inhalation treatments, you will need to have a prescription from an otolaryngologist or a pulmonologist with you, with the words “cycle of inhalation treatments“.

The National Health Service allows you to enjoy a cycle of treatment each year with the payment of the ticket; if you are entitled to full exemption, the recipe must include the code of exemption.

Terme of Genoa: prices

At this point, it’s time for me to tell you what are the prices to access the various activities at the Baths of Genoa, so as to verify the possibility of taking advantage of discounts, reductions, coupons and more.

Price for admission to the Terme di Genova

From Monday to Friday, access for 4 hours costs 25 euros per person.

This rate rises to 35 euros per person on weekends and public holidays.

If you want to instead use the night entrance (only on Friday and Saturday) the price is 35 euros per person.

There are, then, other ancillary costs if you want to use certain services.

In particular, if you need to rent a bathrobe, towel, slippers and headphones, the price is 7 euros, if you want to taste the special Wellness Plate the cost is 8 euros, if you want to participate in the AperiTerme, the price is 10 euros per person.

The entrance prices that I have reported give you the right to use the various areas of the spa, i.e. the Paths SPA Iride, Victoria and Calypso, showers, saunas, Kneipp, foot massage and everything else.

You will also have access to the Source of N.S. of the Holy Water, from which the sulphurous thermal water that feeds the structure flows and where the pretty Chapel of the Apparition can be found.

Price for massage in Genoa Italy Spa

There are numerous massages and treatments at the beauty farm.

In principle, the price for 50 minutes of massage varies from 50 to 55 euros, depending on the type chosen.

The 25-minute Fast Relax Massage costs 35 euros, while the Fast Decontracting Massage will set you back 40-euro.

There are also specific massages such as.

  • Hot Stone Massage (80 euro)
  • Ayurvedic Ritual (70 euro)
  • Ayurveda Shirodara (85 euros)
  • Californian massage (75 euro)
  • Phanta Jama (75 euro)
  • Lomi Lomi (75 euro).

As for the beauty treatments for the body (scrubs + massages) the prices are between 45 and 55 euros, while the Fango Treatments range from 50 to 70 euros depending on the weather.

Finally, there are a number of exclusive treatments to undergo, including a dietary visit, facial and anti-cellulite massages, hair removal, manicure and pedicure, the prices of which vary greatly depending on what you choose, so I recommend you check the official brochure for every single rate.

Healing treatments

Aerosol, humage, nebulisation and hot and humid inhalations cost 18 euros each; 12 days of treatment cost 180 euros.

The price for the micronized shower, however, is 21 euros and for 12 days costs 210 euros. Finally, 6 days of treatment not in the ASL agreement are 150 euros, 12 days, which is never in the agreement, costs 300 euros.


Of course, there is always the opportunity to save money, especially if you like to surf the internet and specialize in finding offers and discount coupons.

On Groupalia, for example, that, as you know, is a site that allows you to buy various types of experiences at competitive prices, there is often the opportunity to buy one or more coupons discounted by up to 40% to enter the spa of Genoa or other spas and enjoy some spa treatments.

Unless otherwise indicated, with this option you will have an entrance ticket for one person per coupon, without kit or other benefits, for a duration of 4 hours at the price of 20 euros instead of 25 euros in the list.

In the weekend, however, the price is 28 euros instead of 35 euros.

The coupon could also be a gift idea, maybe to give to your sweetheart for a special occasion.

Children’s entrance

terme di genova

The Terme di Genova is an excellent solution even if you have children from 5 years old and up.

A day of well-being and fun will undoubtedly also benefits their psychophysical balance.

Young guests are, of course, welcome at this facility, and there are special rates for their entrance tickets.

From Monday to Friday they pay 12.5 euros, while on weekends and public holidays the price of the ticket is generally 17.50 euros.

Entrance tickets for children aged 5 to 13 years are discounted by 50%, but the rental of headphones, slippers, towel and all other services are the same price as for adults.


In addition to the possibility of buying discounted coupons, which I have already told you about, Terme di Genova offers a series of offers and promotions that often coincide with particular times of the year.

To stay up to date, I recommend that you check the official website and Facebook page frequently.

In any case, in principle, at the Terme di Genova, there are various opportunities in conjunction with fairs and events in the city or in neighboring locations.

In July and August, for example in Nervi, Genoa or Voltaggio, white nights are planned with extraordinary openings of the Spa.


For the packages, the same applies as for the offers.

The management of the Terme di Genova itself periodically prepares packages that include some particular all-inclusive proposals,  which can be checked in the online shop of their website.

You can always buy, instead, the TermeNight package with weekend aperiTerme at the price of 45 euros per person (27.50 for children up to 13 years) that gives you the right to evening entry plus an aperitif.

However, if you are looking for a different package from the usual I suggest the following.

The Terme di Genova can be found in the gift boxes of many well-known brands that offer this service (such as Boscolo Gift).

You can check for yourself, even with the prices I have previously given you, if some package can be advantageous, perhaps even combined with a one night stay for a relaxing holiday.

Spa events

spa of genoa

The Spa is not only the ideal place to spend a few hours of complete relaxation but can also become the ideal location to celebrate important moments of your life.

You never thought of that?

And yet this is the case, especially at the Terme di Genova, which offers exclusive and classy environments, also suitable for organizing weddings.

But the opportunities don’t end here: let’s explore the possibilities together.


An unusual gift to be given to a person you care about could be an entrance to the Terme di Genova.

You can buy your special gift directly in the shop area of the official website Via delle Terme.

There are options for all budgets: from 25 euros, which applies to a midweek entrance, to 47 euros for an all-inclusive entrance, all the way up to an apartment for two for one night with entrance to the Spa, from 155.00 euros.

Valentine’s Day

To celebrate a different Valentine’s Day, let yourself be pampered by the wellness treatments at the Terme di Genova.

In addition to an all-inclusive stay in an apartment for two, in fact, you can also take advantage of other opportunities.

These include, for example, an entrance to the SPA, which also includes a couple’s massage and lunch.

A day that you can spend with your partner in total relaxation.

If you are looking on the Internet, on Groupalia, for example, you may also be lucky enough to find coupons discounted by 50%, with really advantageous prices.

New Year’s Eve in Genoa Spa

The Terme di Genova is also the ideal location to organize a slightly different New Year’s Eve than the usual crowded parties.

The evening for this special event includes a traditional dinner, with entertainment and music, as well as the possibility of using the SPA.

It could be an original idea to start the new year in the best possible way, perhaps in the company of friends.

Timetable of the Spa of Genoa

terme genova acquasanta

The wellness centre and the Spa are open every day at the following times:

  • Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Friday and Saturday: from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Sundays and public holidays: from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

On Fridays and Saturdays for the TermeNight, the following times are observed: from 19h to 23h, while the AperiTerme is possible until 21 hours.

Methods of access to the Genoa Spa

To enter the Spa is it necessary to book in advance. If you do not do so, you can only access if there are seats available; otherwise, it will not be possible.

Remember also that to cancel a treatment you must notify them at least 48 hours in advance.

As far as curative treatments are concerned, the times are as follows: the openings are from 4th March to 8th June and from 8th September to 14th December.

The applications are carried out from Monday to Saturday from 8.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

On Sundays, this service is closed.

The on-site medical examination is free of charge, but you must have the prescription from your general practitioner.

Genoa Spa: opinions

Many of the people who have used the Terme di Genova have found it particularly nice to be able to move from the internal whirlpool bath to the external one without leaving the hot water.

The kindness of the staff who work both at the reception and in the various areas of the spa and beauty farm is also often pointed out.

A positive note: those who bought a coupon, had a free entrance or paid for the entire ticket received the same treatment.

For some, the structure is a bit small compared to the others and in some cases is defined as dated, but in any case, almost all agree on the professionalism of those who work there.

The reviews of those who have used the AperiTerme are also quite good, since many have described it as satisfactory, with a buffet tailored to expectations.

There is no lack of criticism, however, especially for the size of the changing rooms.

In general, however, opinions on the Terme di Genova are good, so it’s worth checking it out yourself.

Genoa Spa: how to get there

Let’s take a look at how to reach the Baths of Genoa with various means at your disposal. They are located at Acquasanta, about 2 km from the Ligurian coast and from Voltri, where the motorway exit is located.

By car

The Terme di Genova, therefore, is very easy to reach by car because they are just a few kilometers from the Genova Prà junction, a meeting point of the A10 and A6 motorways.

So if you come from other places in Liguria, Piedmont, Tuscany, France or Switzerland you have to exit at Genova Prà to take the provincial road that goes north and runs parallel to the A26 to Mele, where the baths are located.

By train

If you want to arrive by train, you have to take the FFSS Genova Brignole – Aqui Terme line and get off at Acquasanta station; then you have to walk for about 10 minutes until you reach the spa.

By bus

As an alternative to the means of transport described above, you can reach the spa with the urban bus line (n.101) that leaves from the train station of Genoa Voltri and stops at the Sanctuary of Acquasanta.

Thermal baths of Genoa: where to sleep

To spend a few more days at the Terme di Genova and enjoy not only the spa and treatments, but also the beautiful natural scenery that surrounds them, you can choose from a series of accommodation facilities in the immediate vicinity, all of different categories and therefore suitable for every type of budget.

If you like to travel by camper van, for example, you could stop at the campsite that is located in Vesima, the Caravan Park Vesima, precisely.

If, on the other hand, you prefer comfortable hotels or bed and breakfasts, there are several opportunities.

Among these, in the centre of Genoa, I would like to point out these options:

Closer to the spa, you can choose between:

  • Hotel Fado 78 in Mele
  • Ena Hotels in Arenzano

In the area there are also B&Bs such as:

Finally, to take advantage of your vacation and enjoy nature to the full, especially if you have children, there are some farmhouses to stay at, such as:

  • La Grilla in Acquasanta
  • The Red in Ovada.

Where to eat near the Genoa Spa

The Ligurian territory offers a wide range of excellent food and wine specialties and a holiday at the Terme di Genova is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy some local dishes.

In particular, in the immediate vicinity of the structure, there are three restaurants from which you can choose.

They are:

  • Locanda del Martin, right in front of the thermal baths
  • Osteria da Dria de l’Aequasanta near the Sanctuary
  • Osteria dell’Acquasanta;

All these places can be reached on foot, leaving the spa.

If, on the other hand, you want to go a little further by taking your car, you can go to Mele, where you will find:

  • Farmhouse La Grilla
  • Osteria della Cartiera (loc.Biscaccia)
  • Trattoria Gigiun

These restaurants are located about 4-5 kilometers from the spa.

If, on the other hand, you want to go even further to try some other local delicacy, you can head towards Fado, passing through particularly beautiful places such as the woods that surround the road that leads to the peak of Turchino, from which you can admire the Gulf of Genoa.

Taking the SP456 as a reference, along the way, you will find the following restaurants:

  • Castagnina
  • Osteria La Stazione
  • Turchino Vetta

You just have to be tempted by their particular menus.


  • Address: Via Acquasanta 245.+
  • Telephone: +39 010 6389033 and +39 010 638178
  • Email: spa@termedigenova.it.
  • Official website: termedigenova.it

All offers can be booked online on the official website www.laviadelleterme.com, remember that entry to the Baths of Genoa is possible only by reservation.


Well, we have come to the end of this long article on the famous Spa of Genoa.

I hope I’ve helped you understand them better and convinced you to book a relaxing afternoon at this facility.

If you need more information, leave a comment below or read my articles on the best attractions in Genoa.

Happy holidays,

Andrea Semonella

Hey! I'm Andrea and I am a little bit obsessed with exploring the world and meeting people on the road. I'm in love with my city, and I'm happy to share with you all the best place and most incredible secrets of Genoa, Italy.

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