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Are you planning to rent a boat in Genoa for a sailing party or a day exploring the Ligurian coast?

You’ve landed in the right article.

I’m Andrea from Genova Turismo, and in this post I’m going to tell you about renting boats in Genoa: you’ll find out how much it costs to rent a sailing or motor boat in Liguria, what itineraries are recommended, who can drive it, and how to rent it.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Do you want to rent a boat in Genoa?

Sail or motor boat rental in Genoa

The best way to explore the Ligurian coast is certainly through boat rental Genoa.

The capital of the Liguria region, Genoa is the ideal starting point for visiting some of the region’s most beautiful gems, including Portofino.

Do you want to rent a sailboat or motorboat in Genoa?

What to see by boat in Genoa? Recommended itineraries

If you want to make a Genoa boat rental but are not sure what you can see in its surroundings, you are in the right place.

Below I will give you some tips for some of the most beautiful stops on the Ligurian coast near Genoa.

Sail south and head to Camogli, a small fishing village located on the Riviera di Levante in the Golfo Paradiso.

Explore this tourist establishment and then to Punta Chiappa, a must stop for beauty. Also stop at Cala dell’Oro, Punta dell’Indiano, Cala degli Inglesi, and Cala Vitrale.

If you continue on, you will arrive in the famous Portofino. The small harbor and square are worth a tour, as are the paths that connect the various points of the town.

Head to Baia Cannone and then to Paraggi in its bay. Make your way to Spiaggia Minaglia and also visit the famous town of Santa Margherita Ligure.

Then head to Rapallo, to Zoagli and Tigullio Beach, to Lavagna and finally, if you have time, to Sestri Levante, to Baia del Silenzio Beach.

If you do a multi-day boat rental in Genoa, you can also travel to Cinque Terre for stunning scenery and charming towns overlooking the sea.

What types of boats can I rent in Genoa?

In Genoa you will be spoiled for choice in terms of the boats you can rent, as the port of this city is very large and therefore capacious for many types of boats.

In Genoa you will be able to make a motor boat rental, sailing boats, inflatable boats and catamarans.

In addition, in the nearby towns of Chiavari and Portofino, you can also make a yacht charter.

How much is a boat rental in Genoa

Prices for a boat rental in Genoa vary depending on the type of boat, rental dates, size and capacity of the boat, and extras such as skipper and fuel.

In general, the daily cost for a:

  • Inflatable boat rental in Genoa: from 130 €
  • Motorboat rental in Genoa: starts from 100 €
  • Sailboat rental in Genoa: starts from 140 €
  • Catamaran rental in Genoa: starts from 570 €
  • Yacht charter Genoa: starts from 3,000 €

Can I rent a boat even without a boat license?

If you do not have a boat license or plan to rent a sailboat, catamaran, or large yacht, we always recommend a skippered boat rental in Genoa.

If, on the other hand, you want to be the captain but do not have a license, you can rent motor boats and inflatable boats up to 40 hp.

Yacht charter in Genoa with skipper

If you don’t have a boat license, don’t worry.

On the SamBoat platform you can take advantage of boat rental in Genoa with a skipper.

An expert will take you to explore the most beautiful places on the Ligurian coast, away from tourists.

Rely on the skipper for nautical tidbits as he knows the waters of the area and the rental boat well.

Where to rent a boat in Liguria?

I recommend you to rely on SamBoat, the platform I use myself to rent a boat for a day of sailing with my friends or family.

SamBoat is Europe’s leading boat rental platform between private individuals.

It was founded in 2014 in Bordeaux, with the aim of making boating accessible to everyone.

To date, it has a fleet of 50,000 boats – including dinghies, catamarans, yachts, sailboats, powerboats and houseboats – present in 1,400 destinations in 76 countries.

You can rent boats through the website, with or without a skipper, checking availability in real time!

Finally, with SamBoat you always have last minute deals that allow you to have a unique experience at an even lower price!

Do you want to rent a sailboat or motorboat in Genoa?

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