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If you are preparing for a trip to Genoa, an essential step in your agenda must be the MOG.

Of course, Genoa is one of the most beautiful cities in our country that has much to offer its tourists and one of these attractions is definitely the Mercato Orientale di Genova, which has become a reference point for those who love to eat well using healthy and natural ingredients.

After the renovation of the historic structure, the MOG has become a reference point not only for the inhabitants of Genoa but also for thousands of tourists who visit this wonderful city every year.

Let’s explore it together in detail.

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History of the Mercato Orientale

On a par with the many spectacular gastronomic markets of our continent, Genoa’s Mercato Orientale has become one of the ten most important city markets in Europe, bringing back to life not only a forgotten space but also offering everyone its unique historical and architectural value.

The structure of the Mercato Orientale in Genoa was intended to be used as a convent attached to the church of Nostra Signora della Consolazione back in 1684.

Construction began in 1699 but was never completed, so at the beginning of the nineteenth century, it began to function as a market for some shops and traders in the area, until it was finally used as a market in Genoa thanks to the rapid expansion of the city.

Today it is an ideal place where the past embraces the present with an innovative structure where you can exhibit typical products.

Under its crystal roof is the Piazza del Gusto surrounded by restaurants, wine bars and ice cream parlours to satisfy all palates and the needs of tourists who visit it.

In this market, you will live a unique visual and olfactory experience thanks to the stalls of fruits and vegetables, cheeses, fish shops and butchers.

You can also shop for spices, legumes, frozen bread and everything you need to bring home fresh and healthy ingredients.

You will also find all the typical Genoese products such as basil, oil from the Ligurian Riviera and anchovies in the salt of the Ligurian Sea.

After this brief discussion on the Eastern Market, let’s discover the MOG Project together.


What is the MOG Genova project?

eastern market genoa

This project was born from a group of friends who, travelling around the world and visiting different markets, decided to give Genoa back a market worthy of its name.

Thus began the restructuring to relaunch the Eastern Market and bring it among the ten most important markets in the city throughout our continent.

The renovation project was created not only to revitalize this space in a contemporary and innovative way but also always respected its historical and architectural value.

Conceived to be unique in its kind, without taking inspiration from any other market but remaining tied to the locality and Genoese tradition.

Obviously one of the strengths of the MOG is always gastronomy, using compostable materials to achieve a quality of products processed by expert chefs from Genoa.

It’s a small window of Genoa from the world where you can eat well.


Restaurants inside the MOG

market in genoa italy

Inside, as promised, you will find several restaurants of the highest quality that offer typical Genoese recipes using only local products.

Within its 2000 square metre perimeter, there are 11 gastronomic stalls, a bar and many seats where you can enjoy the exquisite recipes prepared by expert chefs in peace and quiet.


Pizzeria Gourmog: pizza

Inside you will find the pizzeria Gourmog that offers both traditional and gourmet pizzas.

You can order between the Pissalandrea, sardenaira (with tomato anchovies olives and garlic) and focaccia al padellino which are the most famous recipes.

For further information, please visit the official website.


Peyote Tacos Bar: Mexican specialties

Another interesting restaurant is also the Peyote Tacos Bar where you can taste a Mexican menu with meat and fish tacos.

You can also order carefully prepared recipes for vegetarians at very reasonable prices (around 5 euros).


Ittiturismo Boccadasse: fish specialties

Recipes rethought with a touch of Liguria to remain faithful to the local tradition.

The Ittiturismo Boccadasse is an excellent fish restaurant known for the quality of its products.

With appetizers and first courses of excellent quality and with really low prices, in fact, you can hardly find a dish that exceeds 12 euros.


Il Genovese: typical Genoese dishes

A restaurant that has maintained tradition is the Genovese.

Known throughout the city, being the same as the restaurant of Roberto Panizza, owner of Pesto Rossi.

Here you can find the best pesto you’ve ever tried so if you’re in Genoa and don’t taste this recipe you can’t say you’ve really visited the whole city.

Stuffed vegetables, fried tripe, porridge and other typical local dishes that you can enjoy in this restaurant with excellent value for money.


Gelateria Chicco 72: ice cream

If you’re in the mood for good ice cream, head to Chicco 72 where you can order from 40 different flavours of ice cream.


Market wine shop: wine

For those who love traditional wines, the Vineria del Mercato offers five windows that are also used as distributors.

The wines on display with the Winnemotion service offers the possibility of serving different helpings of wines kept at ideal temperatures.

In this case, the prices are medium-high range so check the prices before ordering.


La Gusteria: gourmet sandwich

Those who want to eat a good sandwich can go to La Gusteria.

A characteristic of this fast food is the way in which they have named their sandwiches to pay homage to the history and culture of the place.

Here you can taste sandwiches from the names of famous people who have contributed to making the history of Genoa.

You can also order different salads that do not exceed 9 euros but the quality is not disputed.


Lo Scolapasta: fresh pasta

For a delicious pasta, the ideal place is definitely Lo Scolapasta, which offers unique recipes and as a specialty, filled pasta.

Also, in this case, it offers excellent value for money where they vary between 7 and 9 euros.


Bear and Grill: Burger

Bear and Grill is the best place to eat a great hamburger.

You’ll find classic American burgers at prices ranging from 7 to 10 euros.


Fugassa: focaccia and other Genoese specialities

For a nice focaccia you’ll have to go and see the famous Fugassa.

Vegetarian, cheese and turmeric cakes are just some of the cakes available and prices range from 6 to 11 euros.


Ristorante MediOrentale: restaurant

The best restaurant you can find and perhaps the most refined is certainly the MediOrentale Restaurant, which also offers the opportunity to sit on the balcony while appreciating a great meal and simultaneously enjoying a magical view of the MOG from above.

With a rich menu of meat and fresh fish to meet all the needs and tastes of its customers.

For this reason, visiting the MOG means having a great opportunity to live an unforgettable culinary experience, to say the least.


How to get to the MOG

mog genoa

The MOG is located in the center of Genoa overlooking the Via XX Settembre from the north side. For this reason it also becomes easily accessible by any means of transport.


By car

If you want to reach the Mercato Orientale by car without getting caught up in city traffic, you can park in these areas and continue towards the centre by public transport:

  • Park Di Negro: interchange car park at a reduced rate located in Via Bruno Buozzi can be reached directly from the Genova Ovest motorway exit.
  • Park Piazzale Marassi: can be reached from the Genova Est motorway exit.

If you want to enter the center with your car you have the possibility to park in the parking lots of Piazza della Vittoria or the Autopark Piccapietra near the street XX Settembre.

You can also park your car in the Ponte Monumentale street car park, just a few steps from the entrance to Genoa’s Mercato Orientale.


By public transport

As mentioned above, you can also reach the Mog by public transport.

For those who have reached Genoa by train, Genoa’s Mercato Orientale is just a 10-minute walk from Brignole Station.

What’s more, you’ll also have the opportunity to reach the centre by underground, getting off at the Brignole stop and continuing on foot for a few minutes.

I strongly recommend you to take a walk around the city to admire the unique beauties that Genoa has to offer to all its visitors.


Useful information


  • Monday 08-00
  • Tuesday 08-00
  • Wednesday 08-00
  • Thursday 08-00
  • Friday 08-01
  • Saturday 08-01
  • Sunday 10-00

Address: Via XX Settembre, 75, 16124 Genova GE

Telephone: +39 010 897 3000

Email: info@moggenova.it

Official website: www.moggenova.it


Andrea Semonella

Hey! I'm Andrea and I am a little bit obsessed with exploring the world and meeting people on the road. I'm in love with my city, and I'm happy to share with you all the best place and most incredible secrets of Genoa, Italy.

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