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Are you planning to visit the Genoa Nervi neighborhood and want more information on what to see, where to eat, where to bathe, and how to get there?

You’ve come to the right place. I’m Andrea from Discover Genoa, and in this post let’s find out together what are the best attractions in Genoa’s Nervi neighborhood, the best hotels and restaurants, and the best beaches.

I will tell you about the Nervi Park and Promenade, must-see destinations for those who decide to visit Genoa.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

What to see in Genoa Nervi?

Genoa Nervi is a beautiful town on the coast of Liguria, known for its natural beauty and historic architecture. Here are what attractions I recommend you visit:

  • Porticciolo di Nervi: a very charming place, bordered by a semicircle of colorful little houses in typical Ligurian style. A magical place in which to stroll during sunny days or have an aperitif during cool summer evenings.
  • Anita Garibaldi Promenade: this is a beautiful 2km long promenade along the coast that offers splendid panoramic views of the sea and the city of Genoa. It is named after the wife of famous Italian hero Giuseppe Garibaldi, who lived here in the last years of his life.
  • Groppallo Tower: a military fortification located on the Nervi promenade and directly overlooking the sea.
  • Nervi Park: a large public park with beautiful gardens, fountains and statues, as well as a series of pedestrian paths leading to the coast. It is an ideal place for a relaxing walk and to enjoy nature.
  • Nervi Museums: There is a large museum complex within the Nervi district that offers various possibilities for art and culture lovers.
  • Nervi Beaches: Nervi has three small pebble and stone beaches that are popular with visitors who enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty of the Ligurian coast.

Here are the best places to see in Genoa Nervi. Below you will find a map of the different attractions, while further down I will tell you about them in detail.

Nervi Marina

porticciolo di nervi genova

Nervi Marina is a small marina located in the hamlet of Nervi, east of Genoa. It is a very picturesque and charming place, surrounded by a semicircle of colorful houses in typical Ligurian style and immersed in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

The marina has about 200 berths and offers all the necessary services for recreational boating. There are also several restaurants, bars, and stores in the vicinity of the marina, making it a pleasant place to visit for a stroll or for a sunset dinner.

On the west side, above the pool, you can admire the imposing Emilian College of the Somaschi Fathers, inaugurated in 1899 and built on the ruins of the former convent of St. Francis of Paola.

Today the marina has become a gathering place for all Genoese, both on fine days and cool summer evenings. Numerous establishments overlook the small square to meet the needs of visitors.

Nervi Promenade

passeggiata anita garibaldi genova

The Nervi boardwalk is a beautiful scenic promenade that stretches for about 2 kilometers along the rocky coast between the village of Nervi and the hamlet of Capolungo, east of Genoa.

It is one of the most picturesque promenades in Liguria and offers spectacular views of the Ligurian Sea and coastline. So much so that the portal called it the most beautiful promenade in the world.

The promenade follows a path overlooking the sea, among gardens, historic villas, and rocky beaches.

The route features a series of panoramic terraces and observation points that offer spectacular views of the sea and coastline. Several historical attractions, such as the Groppallo Tower, can also be seen along the route.

The Anita Garibaldi Promenade is named after the wife of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Italian hero who lived in Nervi in the last years of his life. Also located along the Anita Garibaldi promenade is the villa where Garibaldi lived with his family.

The Nervi promenade is suitable for everyone, and is a perfect place for a relaxing walk in nature.

There are also several refreshment spots along the route, such as bars and restaurants, where you can enjoy local specialties and enjoy the view of the sea.

Groppallo Tower

torre groppallo genova

About halfway along the Anita Garibaldi seafront promenade, you can admire the Groppallo Tower, a “Saracen” fortification established to defend against raids by Muslim Saracen pirates and corsairs (also called Turks or Barbarians) from the Berber states of North Africa.

It is commonly called the Hay Tower because the latter was burned and its smoke signaled imminent danger coming in from the sea, while the original name is that of Marquis Gaetano Groppallo, who was also the creator of the Anita Garibaldi seaside promenade.

The present building dates from 1547 and is one of the best-preserved examples of medieval military architecture in the Genoa area. The tower was part of a coastal defense system and was part of the defense system of the Republic of Genoa.

The tower has a square base and four floors, each of which has a sere of embrasures for firearms. On the roof of the tower is an additional terrace for surveillance of the surrounding area, from which today there is a splendid view of the coast and the sea.

Parks of Nervi

parchi di nervi genova

Nervi Park is the largest and most famous of Genoa’s parks.

It covers about 92,000 square meters and features trees and plants of all kinds: cedars and araucarias coexist alongside majestic maritime pines, olive trees, and oleanders.

Within the park are several attractions, including a botanical trail, a pond, and a series of paths winding through the greenery. Also located in the park are several buildings of historical interest, such as Villa Gnecco, Villa Saluzzo Serra, Villa Luxoro, and Villa Grimaldi.

Nervi Park and offers a beautiful view of the coast and the sea. The park features an impressive wall system, dating back to the medieval period, surrounding the ancient village of Nervi. Within the park you will also find several scenic paths, which allow you to admire the beauty of the Ligurian coast.

Inside the parks you will find several squirrels, which arrived between 1976 and ’77, when a lady, returning from a trip to the Americas, brought with her two specimens of gray squirrel, and then released them in the green area of the Genoese east. She looks up and tries to peek through the branches of the trees. There are indeed a great many of them.

Within the complex takes place Euroflora, the most extraordinary of the floral events in the world, which makes an appointment for 2025, for a magical and even more spectacular edition.

In summary, the parks of Nervi are an attraction of great value for the hamlet and the city of Genoa, offering the possibility of walking surrounded by greenery and enjoying spectacular views of the coast and the sea.

Nervi Museums

In addition to the Park, the Marina, and the Promenade, Nervi also offers several possibilities for art and culture lovers, thanks to the presence of museums offering a wide range of works, art objects, and collections from noble families.

Giannettino Luxoro Museum

Located inside the Luxoro Villa, the museum preserves a collection of paintings, sculptures, furniture and art objects collected by members of the Luxoro family. The collection ranges from the 17th to the 18th century and includes works by outstanding Italian and foreign artists.

Raccolte Frugone Museum

Located inside the Villa Grimaldi, the museum holds a collection of artworks, canvases, marbles, and bronzes collected by the Frugone family in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Among the exhibits are three extraordinary works by Giovanni Boldini, including the famous and magnetic portrait of Miss Bell, which alone is worth a visit to the museum.

GAM Modern Art Gallery of Genoa

GAM is located inside a 16th-century building of Villa Saluzzo Serra, a noble mansion set in the beautiful surroundings of the Nervi Parks. Opened in 1928 (and totally renovated in 2004), the museum exhibits more than 3,000 pieces including paintings, sculptures and drawings that chronicle the period from the 19th century to the present.

wolfsoniana nervi


The Wolfsoniana is a modern art gallery that is part of the Levante Genovese museum hub, created by U.S. philanthropist Mitchell Wolfson Jr and donated to the city of Genoa. The collection consists of materials, paintings, sculptures, furniture, complete furnishings, glassware and ceramics on decorative and propaganda arts from 1880 to 1945.

Nervi beach

Where to go swimming in Nervi? There are three small beaches in the Genoa Nervi neighborhood, ideal for those looking for a quiet place surrounded by nature, with a crystal clear sea and breathtaking panoramic views.

Caprafico Beach

Caprafico Beach is located in front of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, and features an imposing cliff.

Murcarolo Beach

Murcarolo’s is a gray pebble beach located between the Quinto and Nervi neighborhoods, and is characterized by a crystal clear sea and breathtaking panoramic views.

Capolungo Beach

Capolungo’s is a small and quiet pebble beach, far from the city chaos but convenient for spending a few hours relaxing by the sea. So dear to Fabrizio De Andrè, the small beach with a bohemian atmosphere is located right at the end of the Anita Garibaldi Promenade, and is perfect for couples looking for a romantic place to relax.

The beaches of Nervi are easily accessible due to the proximity of the Nervi train station and the presence of numerous parking lots nearby. The beaches are also connected to the Nervi promenade, which offers a pleasant walk among palm trees, oleanders, and pine trees.

Where to sleep in Genoa Nervi?

There are several hotels, B&Bs and vacation homes in Nervi that are ideal for families, single travelers and couples. In this paragraph you will find some of them selected by me.

Casa mia a Nervi

The best accommodation in Nervi if you travel by car

A lovely apartment, comfortable and equipped with all amenities. Visitors appreciated the host’s hospitality and the presence of a private parking lot, ideal if you plan to visit Genoa Nervi by car (given the limited parking).

In piazzetta a Nervi

The best accommodation in Nervi if you travel by train

If you are looking for accommodation right in the heart of Nervi (and 5 minutes from Nervi station), then you should choose In Piazzetta a Nervi. But location is not the only strength of this vacation home: the accommodation is comfortable in relation to the space, impeccable cleanliness, and appliances available. Visitors also appreciated the professionalism and helpfulness of Marcella, the owner of the facility.

Locanda Villa Moderna

The best hotel in Nervi for quality at a price

If you are planning to visit the village of Nervi but do not have a high budget, you can opt for Locanda Villa Moderna, a two-star hotel that has nothing to envy to more emblazoned establishments. Special mention for the location (a stone’s throw from the sea), the breakfast (exquisite, fresh homemade products) and the cleanliness of the rooms (impeccable). Two parking spaces are also available; however, arriving late in the evening it is easy to run out of space; at that point you have to park in a garage about 200 meters from the B&B.

Hotel Esperia Nervi

The best 3-star Nervi hotel

Across the street from the sea (and a short walk from the Genoa Nervi train station) is Hotel Esperia, a three-star hotel with indoor parking, impeccable cleanliness, and a hearty breakfast. The only negative note is the poor soundproofing of the rooms. If you are a light sleeper, you might opt for another facility; however, if you sleep all the time without problems, Hotel Esperia might be the perfect solution for you.

Appartamento con garage KATE

The best apartment with garage in Genoa Nervi

If you travel by car and wish to park inside an enclosed garage, you can opt for this facility. It is an apartment with a small terrace just a stone’s throw from the sea, the Nervi Parks and the Anita Garibaldi Promenade. The owner is always friendly and helpful, and the garage is just a few meters from the facility. A special mention for the cleanliness of the facility and the really nice furnishings.

Where to eat in Genoa Nervi?

In Nervi you can find several trendy restaurants, pizzerias and bars. Here are my recommendations on where to eat near the Nervi Promenade.

Matamà Bistrot

Italian cuisine, barbecue, steakhouse, Mediterranean

Excellent Mediterranean cuisine restaurant in Genoa (I recommend the cacio e pepe with raw sausage, truly a Nobel Prize winner!). The staff is able to recommend good wine. Desserts for the most demanding palates. Local attention to every detail. Really good price quality. In short, very good choice.

La Pizza di Egizio

Italian, Mediterranean cuisine, pizzeria

What can I say!!! One of the best pizzas in Genoa! A few hundred meters from the Nervi marina, Egizio offers special and very good pizzas, thin and with raw materials of amazing quality. Truly exceptional quality-price.

Bagni Medusa

Italian cuisine, fish, Mediterranean

If you are looking for a romantic venue to celebrate a special occasion, I recommend making a reservation for dinner at Bagni Medusa, a restaurant overlooking the sea where you will dine with your feet – literally – in the water. Very fresh fish, average price. Good choice.

How to get to Nervi?

come arrivare a genova nervi

Genoa Nervi is a neighborhood located on the east coast of Genoa, Italy. There are several ways to get there, depending on your starting location and travel preferences.

Let’s find out together how to get to Nervi by car, train, bus, or plane.

By car

By car, you can reach Genoa Nervi via the A12 freeway and exit at the Genova Nervi exit. From the city of Genoa, if you prefer not to take the highway, you can take the coastal road Corso Italia, which then becomes Via V Maggio, Via Quarto, and Via Gianelli, and comes directly to Nervi. This is a coastal road that will allow you to reach Nervi while admiring the coastal landscape.

By train

There are regional trains that leave from Genoa Brignole station and stop at Genoa Nervi station. The Nervi station is right on the Promenade and next to the Parks, so once you get off the train, you can proceed on foot.

By bus

By bus, one can take bus number 15 from the center of Genoa and get off at Nervi. Alternatively, you can take bus number 693, which connects Nervi with the center of Genoa and the nearby town of Recco.

By boat

By boat, it is possible to reach Nervi from the port of Genoa through the Golfo Paradiso shipping service. The embarkation point for excursions to Nervi is right in the marina, at 2 Via Giovanni Caboto. Click here for more info: Golfo Paradiso Genoa – Nervi.

By plane

Finally, the nearest airport is Genoa-Cristoforo Colombo Airport (GOA), from which you can take a cab, a rental car, or a bus to get to Genoa Nervi. In the last case, you should board the Volabus that takes you to Genova Brignole, and then board bus number 15, which will take you directly to Genova Nervi.


Why is it called Nervi?

The origin of the name “Nervi,” according to some authors, is due to the presence of a Celtic colony that settled there in the past; the hypothesis is supported by the motto “Near Av Inn” present on the Nervi coat of arms and meaning, in Celtic, “place near the sea.”
According to others, however, the name comes from the mispronunciation of the name “in arvis” (in the fields) found on a Roman military stone.
The third theory, on the other hand, relates to Emperor Marcus Cocceius Nerva, to whom the name of the suburb is said to have been dedicated by a division of soldiers who found refuge in the neighborhood.

Where to go swimming in Nervi?

In Nervi, you can swim at the beaches of Caprafico, Murcarolo, and Capolungo, three small gray pebble beaches located near the Nervi Promenade. The first two are larger and busier, while Capolungo’s is a more secluded and romantic bay.

What are the inhabitants of Nervi called?

The inhabitants of Genoa Nervi are called Nerviesi.

Where to park for Nervi promenade?

The recommended parking for visiting the Nervi Promenade is at Piazza Antonio Sciolla 1, the Nervi Station parking lot. Alternatively, you can look for parking on neighboring streets.

How many inhabitants are there in Genoa Nervi?

There are 10,613 residents in the Genoa Nervi district.

Genoa Nervi Weather

What is the weather in Nervi? Find out below the weather in Nervi over the next few days.

Weather Data Source: 7 jours météo à Gênes


Here we come to the end of this long article on what to see in Genoa Nervi, what attractions to visit, the best ways to get to the Anita Garibaldi promenade and the parks of Nervi, where to eat and sleep in this wonderful Ligurian resort.

Do you have any doubts or questions? Leave a comment below. I will be happy to help you organize your vacation in Genoa.

Best regards,

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