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Did you have an unstoppable craving for hamburgers?

Genoa is full of places to eat a good hamburger, some good, some a little less. I’ve been going out in the last few months looking for the best in town.

Without any claim that this is a ranking or a “definitive guide” (since everyone has their own taste), here is a list of those that are, in my opinion, the best burgers in Genoa.

Ready? Let’s get started!

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What is the best steakhouse in Genoa?

Genoa is not only a paradise for pesto, but also for meat lovers, as the offer of excellent quality hamburgers is becoming more and more varied.

Switzerland Burger (as it was called in Italy some time ago) is no longer only the symbol of fast food chains but has also landed in starred restaurants.

If in past years, to eat a good hamburger in Genoa you had to turn to your butcher of confidence, who carefully chose the best meat and put it inside the two round films of tissue, today you can go directly to the hamburger.

I recommend that you do not call it junk food, because in these places, junk is the incorrect adjective to use: the places that you find below use only high quality products, being attentive to the certifications of the animals and their farms.

What if you don’t like meat?

No problem, below you’ll also find some vegetarian hamburger options in Genoa.

Let’s find out what, in my opinion, is the best hamburger in Genoa (also

Groove Burger Genoa

Groove Burger Genoa

Groove is a hamburger restaurant that has been open for a few years and has immediately taken the first positions on the well-known TripAdvisor portal.

You want to know why?

The peculiarity of this place is that the menu is varied and changes almost every week: the guys at Groove experiment, organize tastings, and give customers the opportunity to choose which sandwiches to include in the menu.

A great novelty (revolutionary to say the least) is the Beyond Meat Burger, the 100% vegetable vegan burger.

It is a surprising dish, which despite being vegetable-based seems to look (and especially taste) like a real meat burger.

But not only that!

The guys at Groove have studied a special recipe that balances the flavors so as not to bring out an ingredient over the other and enhance the overall taste of the sandwich.

Prices range from 9 to 12 euros depending on the hamburger chosen, and the quality price is excellent.

  • Address: Via ai Quattro Canti di San Francesco 32R, 16124 – Genoa
  • Opening hours: daily 12:00-15:00, 19:00-23:00
  • Prices: $$$$
  • Take away or delivery: yes
  • Contact: +39 320 429 3658

Strike Hamburger Genoa

strike hamburger genova

The restaurant, located in Via Ravecca (where the famous chain 212 Hamburger Delicious Genova used to be located), in the heart of the city, a stone’s throw from Porta Soprana, is very cozy and the seats are limited, however, thanks to the frequent change given by the very fast service, it is not difficult to find a free seat, even during the weekend.

The restaurant serves high quality chicken or hamburger sandwiches (with chips always included), crispy fried chicken bites and a choice for vegans as well.

Thanks to the fast service, it is great for a quick lunch break in the center. The quality/price ratio is good.

One of the best burgers in Genoa city center.

  • Address: Vico Gattilusio 4r, 16128 – Genoa
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 12:00-15:00, 19:00-23:00
  • Prices: $$$$
  • Take away or delivery: yes
  • Phone: +39 010 098 5919
farinata genoa

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Masetto Genova

Every self-respecting Genoese knows Masetto.

This is a small restaurant with few seats located between Piazza delle Erbe and Matteotti, right in the heart of Genoa.

The leitmotif of the activity has always been: good and cheap sandwiches for students or passers-by.

The burgers are cheap, the raw materials are of good quality (nothing industrial or frozen) and the service fast.

The list of sandwiches is varied, ranging from the classic hamburger with meat, cheese and salad, to more delicious options such as sandwiches with beef, pesto and flakes of Parmesan cheese.

The prices are very affordable and range from 3 to 6 €, the chips 1.50 €

  • Address: Via di Canneto il Lungo 111, 16123 – Genoa
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday 12:00-16:00, 17:30-22:30; Saturday 12:00-16:00, 17:30-02:00 and Sunday 12:00-15:00, 18:00-22:00
  • Prices: $$$$
  • Telephone: +39 342 961 9673

Hamburger Chianina Genoa

In the last few years, this place has become famous in Genoa for its Chianina meat in all its forms, burgers and for its location just a few steps from the promenade of Corso Italia.

A classic is the Chianina hamburger, in fact.

Other variations include the one stuffed with bacon of Cinta Senese, which has a particular taste that is worth tasting.

As far as drinks are concerned, a wide range of wines and beers are available.

Prices range from about 5 to 10€ for a hamburger.

  • Address: Corso Marconi 6R, 16129 – Genoa, Italy
  • Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 09:00-15:00, 19:00-22:30; Friday and Saturday 09:00-15:00, 19:00-00:00
  • Prices: $$$$
  • Telephone: +39 010 859 4359

Bear and Grill – MOG Genoa

bear and grill genova

The first floor of the Mercato Orientale was the winning idea of the Genoese administration and other entrepreneurs to create a new meeting place in Genoa city centre, in the XX Settembre area, succeeding in bringing back the Genoese even in the evening.

And among pizza, tacos and fresh pasta, Bear and Grill, the reference point for burgers at the Mercato Orientale, comes out.

Here you can eat excellent Angus hamburgers and fine meats, also stuffed with pesto and prescinseua.

If you wish, you can opt for the vegetarian option.

  • Address: Via XX Settembre 75r, 16121 – Genoa
  • Opening hours: Sunday to Wednesday 11:00-23:00; Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11:00-23:30
  • Prices: $$$$
  • Telephone: +39 010 897 3013


Well, these were my favorite steakhouses and hamburger shops in Genoa.

What’s your favorite?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

If you need more information, read my article about the best vegetarian restaurants in Genoa or the best trattorias in Genoa.

Enjoy your meal 😛

pasta with pesto genoa italy

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